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Shelter, patio, greenhouse… How about installing a transparent dome (igloo) in your garden!?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing them slowly popping up on social media… And it seems like they’re the summer 2022 trend in terms of outdoor décor! These are garden igloos, huge clear bubbles that add a chic side to your deck. Finally, they provide an alternative to a wooden garden shed that takes a little longer to install. Garden igloos can withstand extreme weather and offer an unexpected break to host friends or enjoy sunny days with maximum clarity while remaining sheltered from the rain… It becomes possible to sleep under the stars on a relatively small budget. no matter what, make sense! Decryption.

What is a garden igloo?

You may have already seen these huge transparent bubbles during the seasonal rental in the “unusual habitat” category! Before that, they were reserved for tenants and settled in gardens to become massage parlors or bubbles for one night rental… Faced with high demand, prices start to drop and it becomes possible to build your own garden.

transparent garden bubble
Photo credit: Amazon

An igloo in the garden? What’s for?

Like all of these somewhat original outbuildings, a garden igloo can serve many purposes. In fact, he will have the one that you want to give him … You can make a relaxation area out of it by installing a sofa or garden furniture, painting workshop or even a room to sleep under the stars! These geodesic bubbles offer many possibilities for creating extra space. without a building permit since by definition they are removable (more precisely blown off).

Greenhouse Myfood
Photo credit (left): Myfood / non-contract illustrative photo (right). Photo Credit: Shutterstock/HQuality

With a little imagination and a few setups, they can also be the perfect greenhouse for seeding your plantations. The plastic material from which they are made and their bubble shape allow keep warm inside… By installing an irrigation system, for example in the form of a sprayer, you can build a greenhouse in your garden in a few minutes.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Transparent bubbles or garden igloos are usually sold as a set with the necessary to inflate. Please check before buying as you may need a blower or inflator to install it. about 2 meters high in their center, and for area from 10 to 16 m², they allow you to install an entire room outdoors in a few minutes. Model available…

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