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She builds a two-story house (with a terrace) from 3 shipping containers.

A container house, as the name suggests, is a structure based on the connection of several shipping containers. They can be bought new and also recycled; it is important that they are in good general condition because they will serve as the frame and foundation for the entire structure. Brenda Kelly, founder of IQ Container Homes, decided to build her own home out of three shipping containers. She also decided to pick it up to enjoy the incredible panoramic view of Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

Imagination materialized

From his balcony, you can quickly read the expression of pride and joy on his face. Brenda. What can be more pleasant than building a house that meets all your desires and expectations on your own. It starts with three 6-meter shipping containers what Brenda molded his new cocoon in his own image and likeness, as original as it was inspiring. The construction is so atypical that it aroused interest and the visit of a famous videographer. bryce from the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube channel.

Container House Brenda Kelly
Photo: Brenda Kelly/IQ Container Homes
Brenda Kelly's Container House Terrace
Photo: Brenda Kelly/IQ Container Homes

Outside, you can observe the garage located on the ground floor of the house, directly below the first floor of the containers. As for the interior, a very cozy design of the living room and open kitchen we invite you to relax and unwind. Inside the living area there is also a large sliding door giving direct access to a beautiful equipped terrace. The bedroom has a restrained layout. As for the guest room, the work desk is ingeniously hidden under the bed.

Container House Borders

If you want to start building container-based habitats, it’s important to be aware of all the restrictions you might need: starting with the size of the house. The interior of a standard container is 2.34 meters wide. If you add the thickness of the insulation, which averages about ten centimeters (at least), only 2.14 meters of width remains.

Kitchen at Brenda Kelly's Container House
Photo: Brenda Kelly/IQ Container Homes

A completely flat roof should not be neglected either, as this can create some insulation problems. Therefore, it will be necessary to consider modifying the existing protect the interior from heat and humidity. But above all, the layout is an important point that requires the most know-how and creativity. Container houses, due to their price and modularity, are one of the most popular creative ideas among those looking to build their own home. More information:

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