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Sharna Burgess has denied rumors that she is not living with Brian Austin Green.

The 36-year-old dancer, who is expecting her first child, a boy, with the 48-year-old actor, took to social media to explain that the reason she’s buying the house is because her mom is moving to another country. closer to a couple and she needs somewhere to live, not that she no longer lives under the same roof with her partner.

In her Instagram story on Sunday (05/29/22), to clear up the rumor, she wrote, “I was browsing properties again today. Brian is riding with me, which is amazing.

“I’ve had a bunch of people asking me wildly why Brian and I don’t live together and why I’m buying a new house.

“So crazy. I sold my house because I made a huge amount of money from it, because the market is so incredible.”

She added: “I am buying a house because my mom is moving here and I am buying a place for her to live and invest.

“First of all, isn’t it obvious that Brian and I live together and what’s so scary about buying a house that you don’t live in?”

The couple announced their baby in February and Sharna recently insisted that the pregnancy was not planned and she was worried about breaking the news to Brian while he was watching a basketball game at home.

She said, “I thought, ‘What am I going to do?’ I can’t tell him now. It’s terrible news when the Lakers lose. So I waited 40 minutes. And he came and said, “A terrible day. The Lakers came back and won.” And I thought, “This is about to get bigger. You may have to sit down for that.”

However, Brian was delighted with the news, with Sharna explaining, “Even though we feel like we’ve spent our whole lives with each other, it’s still a shorter schedule than we thought. We’re probably a year ahead of what we’ve been talking about. but he was so excited knowing how much I want it.”

Brian already has son Cassius, 20, with ex-fiancee Vanessa Marcil, and children Noah, nine, Bodhi, eight, and Jornie, five, with his ex-wife Megan Fox.

And Sharna was nervous about breaking the news of her pregnancy to the children.

She said: “These beautiful children have gone through so many changes and I am always very sensitive to them. Although they love me very much, who knows how they will feel about another child?”


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