Sex tourism to Eastern Europe for white geniuses!

To the gentleman who serves these white “integralists,” the Claremont Fellows, and the ultra-devout Russian Orthodox divorcees—in other words, my people—who, with their spare time at this great far-right terminus, are waiting for great business opportunities. the political pilgrimage known as Budapest is “curious” about the developed sex industry in East-Central Europe.

If I wasn’t going to be poolside this summer (Brother Aiden set up an “above” number next to our organic rutabaga farm and stands there filling it with a limp hose as I write), I might. good luck to yourself.

I foresee a triumphant Series A funding round where VCs will be thrilled to see amazing White bloggers and tweeters shuffling pathetically in their khakis and sandals at the finest strip bars, massage parlors, escort agencies and multimedia. a story of vulgar neon pots pulsing with electronics that the Hungarian capital has to offer, all overseen by a squat docent in orthopedic sandals, equipped with a headgear with a microphone to transmit his voice and a fluorescent light stick around which to rally troops. In any establishment in question, on a particular night, the “Magyar hunnies” go about their business, handing out manual services to our customers while they laze around, fingering their bellies, their graying BVDs folded at the ankles next to their sandals.

But if the wonderful Orban has wisely preserved Budapest’s status as a sex tourism hub, there are others. To Bratislava, where the tour bus will drop off its American right-wing intellectuals at a suitable two-star hotel so they can “refresh” before heading to the schnitzels and live sex shows for which the Slovak metropolis is rightfully famous.

Next stop: The mecca of sex tourism and bachelor parties known as Prague, where our wonderful White tourists will also have the opportunity to visit the Castle, not to mention try the authentic street vendors. weisswurst in the area near the train station where all the head shops are.

You receive a picture. Shouts are yet to be worked out. For example, Mother suggests that despite Prague’s undeniable status in the sex industry, her association with Václav Havel, a notorious liberal, American imperialist apologist, humanist and anti-Russian racist, could prove to be a “trigger” for our esteemed client base.

In any case: Thank God! I see here a “white space” (the best place) in terms of business opportunities. This is exactly the service that I could seek myself if, like many of my ideological brethren, I spent a long time …

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