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The local art museum, which is running out of visitors because people are still avoiding crowds due to COVID, has come up with a great idea: open up a place for the elderly. Those of us who have been locked in too long, turning our noses up at the proposed activities at the senior center, thought it was a great idea.

However, we declined the van offer. Instead, we all rode in our cars to keep others from breathing.

The museum was…beautiful. The staff were so excited to have real and real bosses that they went above and beyond for us. Young assistant professors crowded around, but not too close, as we spread out into large, high-ceilinged rooms clutching our brochures.

Spend more than 10 seconds before the display of Mediterranean antiquities and a docent will appear in many steps to tell us about the artifacts. Look closely at the details of a Winslow Homer painting and you’ll see an assistant professor offering a magnifying glass and talking about brushwork. Look at the craftsmanship of Native American sneakers and wonder how they got all these varied colors and the docent will understand.

It didn’t hurt us in the least to learn later that these trainee assistant professors were students at the local art school and would receive extra points for their participation. They did a good job.

The center’s senior staff did the same, surprising us with a packed lunch on the museum grounds after our visit. There were enough picnic benches for us to stretch out in the sun, and the male wife was requisitioned to carry around a fridge of iced drinks to hand out, as well as a wide selection of chips so we could peddle them like school kids.

Good thing I had a checkbook in my purse. Before leaving, I purchased a membership as a friend of the museum. I’ll be back.

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