Seattle Cruises Up 50% Compared To 2019, COVID Cases Don’t Stop Passengers

Cases of COVID-19 continue to appear on cruise ships at home and abroad. However, this does not prevent a large number of people from booking vacations on the water again.

The Port of Seattle reports that cruise travel is already up 50% from 2019 as people want to get back to travel.

“The numbers are really impressive. We are thrilled that all ships are back and you can see them on weekends in the city,” said Linda Springmann, director of cruise and marine marketing for the Port of Seattle. “We thought we would see the build in May when the ships return and we know that by the second week of June it is really gaining momentum after graduation. So we’re really seeing the trend that we expected with the number going up.”

“Tomorrow we go to Royal Caribbean,” said Rebecca Janis, a passenger on the cruise ship.

The Seattle waterfront is once again full of visitors, such as the Janice family, who are embarking on a 7-day cruise to Alaska.

“Originally, we were supposed to take one holiday in May 2020, and this is the chance to have a holiday that we missed,” said Stephen Janis.

Janice’s family said they were all vaccinated and explained that the online testing process for boarding the ship was fairly straightforward once they got the hang of the online system. Steven told FOX 13 that his family was able to take the test in their hotel room.

“It was very quick and easy, in just 20 minutes,” Rebecca said.

Sally Rosenberg, another cruise ship passenger, told us that she is fully vaccinated and will be leaving for a cruise to Norway soon.

“It’s a relief. Huge relief. We can go out and enjoy life again. It’s wonderful,” Rosenberg said. “The Norway Cruise has been cancelled, so we’re finally doing it.”

Rosenberg said her cruise was supposed to start from London. On Friday, while in Seattle, she planned to visit the Space Needle.

She’s not the only one visiting Seattle’s iconic locations. The number of people visiting Seattle’s waterfront is at pre-pandemic levels, according to Andy Lipscomb, owner of a Frankfurter hot dog stand in the middle of a busy waterfront.

“People are hungry to get out of the house,” Lipscomb said. He’s back in full force. He doesn’t just leak, he’s back. There will be a record number of cruises this year for 2022. I think 1.3 million cruise passengers are expected through Seattle, which will beat the old record by about 100,000.”

The Port of Seattle also estimated there will be about 1.2 million visitors or more, including passengers who arrive and pass through the facilities.

In terms of COVID-19 cases, as of June 1, the Centers for Disease Control reported that nearly 90 cruise ships…


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