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Schoolgirl Steamy Fantasy – Liberation

English high school girls are demanding through a petition that school uniforms be removed from sex shops and pornographic videos.

Uniform fantasy: we laugh at it gleefully, a, a, a firefighter, a policeman, or an airplane pilot on the male side, and a maid, a nurse, or a schoolgirl on the female side. These erotic archetypes also fill the shelves of fashion stores and, logically, the porn landscape and sex shops. But everyone has their own business. Besides: what if it were not so funny and sometimes problematic, with painful consequences for those who find themselves reified, reduced to an object of fantasy? For example, what nurse has never been the subject of (at least) harsh remarks? But isn’t that a concern when it comes to minors, who are especially vulnerable?

This is simply unbearable, says a British petition challenging the British government. It currently has 3,526 signatures, but that number is skyrocketing as it gets media coverage. The text, entitled “Prohibition of school uniforms in sex shops and pornography”, states, in part, the following: “[…] In the UK, most pupils under the age of 16 wear school uniforms. We believe that the sale of these uniforms in sex shops and their use in pornography has the effect of glorifying and normalizing sexual intercourse with children. This is tantamount to capitalizing on the sexual exploitation of children and putting profits ahead of the safety of millions of children. […]».

The specificity of this initiative is that it comes from high school students – from Sandbach High School in Cheshire (North-West of England), who have support experience. In an interview with the daily Independent, they condemn whistles, horns and even threats of rape. And this behavior is not isolated: “Girlfriends got a lot of comments from men on public transport saying they like their skirts shorter, that they should take off their pantyhose too. These men could be young boys of 13 or sixty years of age. Knowing that, according to a 2018 survey by the non-governmental organization Plan International, one in three English girls have already experienced harassment while wearing the compulsory school uniform. Suddenly hackneyed fantasy with banal regressive echoes (especially fueled by Japanese imagery hentai) turns into a fact of obscene society, with pedophilic hints. We are not joking at all. The British government would need 10,000 signatures to respond to this petition and 100,000 for it to be considered in Parliament. We tell ourselves that the challenge is worth it.


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