Sarah Robles tweeted about tourism in Mindanao

MANILA, Philippines — Vice President-elect Sarah Duterte-Carpio has criticized journalist Raissa Robles for a tweet that allegedly “demonized” Mindanao’s development plan as a tourist destination.

“The views expressed by Raissa Robles on Mindanao in response to new Tourism Minister Cristina Frasco’s plan to develop the region as a tourist destination are rife with journalistic recklessness and irresponsibility,” Carpio said in a weekend statement.

“This is something that requires our collective condemnation as it grossly discriminates against all Mindanavones, especially those who live in Moro communities,” she added.

Carpio said Robles’ tweet was a demonization of Mindanao and an insult to its people, who she said deserve to experience the achievements of the Duterte administration over the past six years.

In a June 2 tweet, Robles said the Abu Sayyaf and other gangs would be “pleased at the prospect of so many potential kidnap victims” thanks to Frasco’s plan to open Mindanao to tourism.

Keep it up, Frasco. Prepare for ransom negotiations. ASG may ask you to negotiate (negotiate) in person,” Robles tweeted.

Frasco, re-elected mayor of Liloan City of Cebu and spokeswoman for Duterte-Carpio, has accepted President-elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s offer to become the next secretary of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Carpio said Robles’ statement was not only irresponsible, but also grossly discriminatory, especially as the peace and security situation in Mindanao has improved significantly.

“Robles wanted to underestimate all that the Duterte administration has done to maintain peace and security in Mindanao, as well as to ensure that the problems caused by terrorist organizations, including kidnapping for ransom, are properly addressed with the help of local governments and community leaders,” Carpio . said.

She said that since 2016, cases of kidnappings by Abu Sayyaf have “significantly decreased” and all victims have been rescued.

“In Basilan, as confirmed by a member of the House of Representatives. Husband Hataman, there has not been a single case of kidnapping since President Duterte came to power. All other Abu Sayyaf incidents involved the arrests and extradition of their members and leaders,” Carpio said.

In another Facebook post, Robles said she didn’t mean to discriminate against Mindanao, but simply pointed out that not all areas of the region are ready for tourism.

“My point is that some parts of Mindanao are not ready for tourism due to security issues. If DOT launches a tourist admission program throughout Mindanao, I fear it will become a magnet for bandits and kidnappers who will prey on unsuspecting tourists,” Robles wrote.

“The Department of Transportation should coordinate closely with the Philippine Armed Forces to carefully design tourism communications and decide which areas are ready for tourism and start from there. DOT can’t just open…


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