Russia bans Michigan officials from entering

Sixteen Michigan officials are permanently banned from entering Russia, according to a list released last month by the Russian Foreign Ministry that sanctioned nearly 1,000 Americans.

The list bans nearly all of Michigan’s congressional delegation. US Senator Debbie Stabenow is the only member of the delegation not included in the list. Her office did not respond to a request for comment.

Adam Casey, a fellow at the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies at the University of Michigan, said Russia may be relying on outdated information when compiling the travel ban list.

“I think the logic of who is included and who is excluded is not entirely clear,” he said.

However, the existence of the list was expected, he said, and such sanctions between the US and Russia are not new.

“The deterioration of official relations between the United States and Russia, while understandable, still comes with some risk,” Casey said.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia and its elites in connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The measures include freezing the assets of state-owned Russian enterprises and banning new investments in Russia.

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