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The Killers joked that they were putting on a “super-spreading” event when they finally took the stage in Middlesbrough on Wednesday (01/06/22) evening.

“Mr. The Brightside hitmakers were originally supposed to play at Riverside Stadium in 2020, but the concert was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and after frontman Brandon Flowers burst onto the stage with a rain of confetti, he thought about the past two years.

He said: “Covid has brought a lot of uncertainty, it has caused a lot of isolation. But Middlesbrough, look around, they’re not isolating anyone tonight.

“This is a super-spreading event. We’re spreading peace, we’re spreading love, and we’re spreading rock and roll!”

As the packed crowd danced and sang along to hits including “Jenny Was My Friend,” “Human”—accompanied by a startling image of dozens of dancers in tiny squares projected onto big screens—”Smile What You Think.” ‘ and ‘For Reasons Unknown’, Brandon was particularly pleased to see a cardboard cutout of Queen Elizabeth in the Platinum Jubilee crowd.

He joked, “We grew up with The Smiths so we thought she was dead. I’m glad to hear she’s alive.”

In addition to their famous cover of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay”, the band also delighted fans with their performance of “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”, one of the few muted moments in the high-energy confetti-filled set. guns, streamers and blinding lasers.

After live versions of “All These Things I’ve Done” and “Beware,” it’s no wonder the crowd was desperate for more, and the band didn’t disappoint, returning to the stage for a spirited performance of “Cosmonaut.” before the electronic version of “Mr. Brightside” gave the audience a fever before moving on to an explosive full cut for the finale.

The evening was supported by the Manic Street Preachers, who delighted the audience with a career-spanning performance, including early hits including “Motorcycle Emptiness”, “From Despair To Where” and “You Love Us”, as well as classics such as “Design “. For Life” and the closer “If You Bear It, Your Kids Will Be Next”, as well as a version of last year’s “Orwellian” single.


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