Real Top Gun Pilot Reflects on Top Gun: Maverick’s Accuracy and Showmanship

Madison, Wisconsin. (WMTV) – The Madison pilot enjoyed Top Gun: Maverick’s entertainment and says some parts of the film are accurate, but not all.

Deputy Commander Colonel Charlie Merkel of the 115th Fighter Wing in Madison graduated from the Navy Fighter Weapons School, the program of which formed the basis of the film “Top Gun”.

The second in command flies the F-16 Fighting Falcon at least once a week and assists with the Truax Field program.

Their missions include overseas travel with 12 aircraft and 300 troops, national defense training, and support for troops on the ground.

Collar. Merkel said that at first he thought the original 1986 film was overrated, but that he eventually grew up with it.

He said the new film portrays flying accurately. The physical stress that a pilot’s body has to put on to stay awake and stay up is a real problem they face. He said that the rivalry between the pilots in the film is not true.

“Fighter pilots are competitive by nature, but I don’t think it’s as aggressive as what they portray in the movie,” the colonel said. Merkel said. “In the movie, it shows up in the flight scenes, where their competitiveness comes out in the way they fly, which is not entirely accurate.”

He said that no one competes for the title of “best driver” and that each member of the team is at different stages of his career.

“Going back to the original movie, do we ever worry about who’s the best pilot?” Collar. Merkel said. “It’s not quantifiable. Do you know?”

Despite the dramatic liberties taken in Tom Cruise films, Colonel. Merkel said both films were good publicity for the military.

“I think it will be a good recruiting tool for all services,” the colonel said. Merkel said.

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