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Real Estate: According to this study, container houses wouldn’t be such a good plan…

In the world of construction, there is a type of housing that never ceases to tempt: container houses. It is true that they seem to have many qualities, such as their affordability, the fact that they are recyclable, or that they are easy and quick to install. These huge metal boxes were originally designed to transport goods across the oceans. They are strong enough to withstand the onslaught of the oceans, light enough to be easily moved, easily converted into a home, swimming pool, fallout shelter, etc. They have also proven to be a solution for the poorest or the homeless as temporary housing. In short, the marketing strategy is pretty well worked out… However, these container houses have more than just advantages… returns to 3 reasons that should make us think before buying shipping containers!

Very hot or very cold!

The metal used for shipping containers is very resistant for its primary use, but this metal is also an ideal conductor of heat or cold. In other words, a container house must be ideally insulated if the owners do not want to live in a stove in the summer, or in the freezer in winter. Consequently, every square centimeter will have to be insulated with sometimes quite expensive means … Interior wall coverings must be double insulated : against hot and against cold. And if you isolate it from the outside, you will lose the metal aesthetic that you may have originally been drawn to. By insulating from the inside, you obviously reduce the living space … In any case, this increases the cost of the work.

Yes, the containers are recyclable!

We often hear that shipping containers are discarded metal boxes that operators don’t know what to do with. In other words, buying a used container will benefit the planet… But you should know that shipping containers completely recycledand that you would even get money if you threw it in the trash can… Mining and metal production strong impact on the environment, even more important than, for example, wooden structures. In this way, metal that is already in circulation can be recycled… From an environmental point of view, is the purchase of a shipping container covered by Green Bashing?

Container house DE LUX RIVER 40′
Photo Credit: Relevant Buildings

Is the metal slightly toxic?

Sea containers, by definition, carry cargo. And many of them contain pesticides, herbicides and even chemicals. In addition, they are coated with lead-based paint to withstand the salty water of the seas and oceans. These chemical treatments…

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