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NEW YORK, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GOAL Tell-A-Vision® Group (TARGET TV)producers of the most popular travel show in the country, Raw Travel®, announced “Let freedom ring Ukrainehelp Ukrainian refugees. The multi-platform and multi-faceted initiative will provide long-term local and domestic financial and material assistance to Ukrainian refugees and citizens affected by the Russian invasion.

Raw Travel will premiere Let Freedom Ring. UkraineJuly 2-3as well as several ways viewers can help refugees.

In June producer and presenter Robert G. Rose we will shoot in Paris, Franceand then on the border Poland as well as Ukraine with Raw Travel videographer and displaced Ukrainian refugee Anastasia Zui. Conditions permitting, they hope to enter Ukraine built with “Keep the Kids Informed” as well as “Help 4 Ukraine”, two small independent organizations founded by an American logistics engineer Joseph Nichols, to live in Ukraine, and other expatriates. Grassroots organizations are involved in helping to keep Ukrainian refugee children and teachers in schools, as well as transporting necessary medicines and medical supplies from the US and other countries. Europe to Ukraine.

We July 2 and 3rd, 2022 just before USA On Independence Day, Raw Travel will premiere a special episode titled “Let freedom call Ukraine.” The special will feature updated topical Ukrainian segments showcasing the country before the 2022 invasion, as well as updated storytelling and ways viewers can help. Episode will air August 27-28.

“Raw Travel provided viewers with valuable context while filming in Ukraine and border areas occupied by Russia Georgia in 2019,” he said Robert G. Roseexecutive producer and presenter series. “Given our previous coverage of the consequences of Russian aggression in both Georgia as well as Ukrainewe feel we can offer a unique perspective,” Rose continued. “I think we can show another, potentially more uplifting, angle to this tragedy that could inspire people to help the many good people and organizations helping Ukraine on the ground, long after the rough emotions Russia The 2022 invasion has ended, but the need remains.”

Tea “Let freedom ring Ukraine efforts have already begun on a limited scale with on-air billboards and social media posts encouraging viewers to visit The dedicated web page is a constantly evolving dedicated entry point for interested viewers. There, they can receive news about the Ukrainians featured on the show and donate directly to vetted organizations or buy Raw Travel’s specially designed Let Freedom Ring. Ukraine“goods (shirts, mugs, glasses, etc.) that benefit the efforts of these organizations.

Raw Travel season 10 begins September 192022. A trailer for the Let Freedom Ring episode by Raw Travel can be viewed at

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