Rap against dictatorship in Thailand | close-up | entertainment news

From: Al Jazeera closeup

Thai rapper Elevenfinger is fighting for a protest movement in Thailand in an attempt to reform the country.

“I rap about poverty and inequality so that the outside world understands our difficulties,” says 21-year-old Thai rapper Elevenfinger.

A young musician from Khlong Toi, Thailand’s largest slum, became famous for his powerful rap music that reveals the inner world of the slum and the struggles of those on the fringes of society.

In 2020, the rapper joined thousands of young people who defied the authorities, gathered on the streets and called for reforms of the monarchy. Young Thais like Eleven Fingers did so in defiance of the draconian lèse majesté law, which forbids insulting the monarchy. Those guilty of violating the law face 15 years in prison.

Elevenfinger’s struggles come with quick repercussions as he piles up arrests and a series of court cases that take up his time and prevent him from continuing his efforts to bring change to a society notorious for its income inequality.


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