Queensland education lifts travel ban for some Brisbane high school students

A group of Brisbane students who qualified for an international linguistics competition have received an exemption from the travel ban, but only some students will be able to travel.

Eight Brisbane high school students were initially told they could not travel to the Isle of Man for the International Linguistics Olympiad next month due to a ban from the Queensland Department of Education, despite the federal government reopening the borders a few months ago.

After ABC covered the story earlier this month, the school was given the opportunity to apply for an exemption, which was granted, but only four students could go.

The department’s ban applies to all public school students and has already prevented students from Mountain Creek, Merrimack, and Worongari State High Schools from attending the Texas Robotics Championships this year.

Independent schools are not required to comply with the ban.

When ABC Radio Brisbane asked the education department why the ban was still in effect earlier this month, a spokesperson said they were working on “issues related to COVID insurance and other matters” to lift the restrictions “as soon as they are responsible for it.” “. “.

Brisbane State High School students go to school.
The department cited it was working on COVID-19 insurance issues when ABC contacted it earlier this month.(ABC News: Chris Gillett)

‘Unfortunately’ some students are still missing classes, mom says

Tori, the mother of one of Brisbane’s high school students, said after interviews on ABC Radio Brisbane and ABC News, the department said the school could apply for an exemption.

“So the school went above and beyond to convince the education department to grant an exemption to these students and finally on May 24th we were given the green light,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“Unfortunately, there were two teams that tied for first place in the competition from Brisbane State High School and when the school initially turned down the invitation to go to the international competition, the national organizers naturally offered them third and fourth places.


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