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PUMA and OM Unveil New Lifestyle Collection

Inspired by the 90s and the brand’s stylish products, the Heritage Collection is presented by PUMA and OM.

The partnership between the brand and the club is definitely the jersey of the season. The culmination of the collaboration, the T-shirt is also the most visible. However, within the current partnerships, the T-shirt is no longer the only element of communication. Along with OM from 2018 to 2028, PUMA has just unveiled a lifestyle collection called “Heritage”, which aims to connect all generations of Olympique de Marseille supporters.

Stylish collection for OM

It is in continuation of the Heritage collection that AC Milan Olympique de Marseille presents its own. Like the legendary Italian club, OM has received a variety of 90s-inspired pieces and trendy outfits from the time. Even the mix of contemporary jersey patterns and 90s vintage cuts is the focus of this Heritage collection.

But apart from the design, we also notice two strong elements in these outfits. The first is obviously the large KING logo present in the center of the jersey and also on every piece along with the PUMA logo. A great way to draw attention to your iconic bunker, which is still suffering from competition from Ultra and Future Z, but which is also trying to get people talking on the outside. The second striking detail of this line is the return to the historic OM logo. Revisited in the 90s, the logo returns and brings an even more prominent retro style.

T-shirt Olympique Marseille “Legacy”

Olympique de Marseille Legacy Jacket

New 2022 pre-match range for OM

A few days before the launch of the lifestyle line, PUMA has unveiled the new Olympique de Marseille 2022 pre-match jerseys. Outfits with a special graphic style and two colors: white and navy blue.

2022 OM Pre-Match Jerseys

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