Portland International Airport Expects Busy Summer Travel Season

PORTLAND, Oregon. (KPTV) — Summer travel is usually the busiest time of the year at Portland International Airport, and this summer is no different.

PDX managers said it will be the busiest airport in the last two years, and with construction work still going on at the airport, there is a lot for people to know and navigate while flying.

PDX summer travel will peak early this year and the busiest day of the summer looks set to be this Sunday June 12th with over 51,000 travelers. In fact, this month has the highest average daily ridership, with more than 50,000 travelers expected to pass through PDX in 10 days.

It is highly recommended to book a flight in advance because the number of flights does not increase to accommodate travelers, but the cost certainly increases.

“I actually have a different travel plan, but because of the price and everything else, I’m trying to hold my stuff for a while and see what happens,” Alfred, who traveled via PDX, told FOX 12.

Construction work is ongoing at PDX, so it can be noisy at times. To help those with sensitivities, ear plugs are available at the box office directly in front of TSA checkpoints.

Travelers with a variety of sensory needs can stop by the Travel Oregon Welcome Center in Baggage Claim for a complimentary sensory kit.

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