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PolkaDot LivingFree: Amazing Tiny House (Offline) with Starlink Internet Connection

Do you dream of a functional, self-contained, wheeled, ecological, affordable, modular, versatile, off-road-friendly and without electricity small home? You should then take a few minutes to read what follows and discover Polkadot LivingFree. This small house combines all of the above qualities and will be featured at the next electric car show in Noosa (Australia). Due to this very distant origin, it is not available in France, but it is really worth seeing as a beach hut on wheels that you just need to attach to a trailer to go to the ends of the world. Opening!

More than a versatile tiny house

With Polkadot LivingFree you can stay wherever you want without suffering from lack of water or lack of networks. Indeed, for it to be self-sufficient, no connection is required! The tiny house is self-powered by solar panels that can produce up to 3 kilowatts. On the roof, as well as with two solar canopies and a 12 kWh battery, they can produce up to 5000 W continuous power. For water supply, an air-to-water generator allows you to get more 30 liters of water per day from air humidity. Gutters can also be added to collect rainwater and dew in expandable storage tanks located under the floor; these same tanks can also serve as a dehumidifier inside the tiny one.

Beautiful mobile home
Photo credit: PolkaDot LiveFree

And that is not all!

PolkaDot LiveFree has Full high-speed Internet Wi-Fi network Using Elon Musk’s Starlink internet dish, it delivers speeds up to 330/500 Mbps anywhere. Such a connection even in the middle of the desert! Otherwise, there is a shower, hot water from the built-in electric water heater, dry closets, a refrigerator in the country, a sink … Options available for example, a suitable small washer or dryer. In the kitchen, the microwave combo will give you golden roasts or juicy brownies! The sofa transforms into a double bed for a comfortable sleep or rest! If desired, you can also turn a tiny house into a disco with smart home speaker with full voice control and intelligent color lighting control.

It can also be used as a battery

Surprisingly, the tiny house’s small trailer can be interconnected, it can also be used as a battery for your electric car! This small shipping container measures only 3 meters by 2.5 meters in height (maximum…

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