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Pierre Gasly is ready for a new start

The year starts on the Los Angeles side for Pierre Gasly. After spending the New Year holidays in Europe, the pilot, who just turned 26, wasted no time in Santa Monica, where one of the Red Bull performance centers, and the other in Austria, in Salzburg, where the weather is less favorable in January. “At this time of year, I clearly prefer to be in Los Angeles than in Austria,” Pierre Gasly smiles during our video call, a rested face and a lively look, an ultra-reserved black hoodie on the back. In this 270-square-meter space, installed at the brand’s North American headquarters, the Frenchman has high-tech equipment (neurotraining system, anti-gravity treadmill, cryotherapy chamber, etc.) to measure his level in his current form. conduct super-individual pre-season physical training and optimize recovery.

“Once the season starts, it’s like a TGV running at 300 km/h and it doesn’t stop, so physical preparation is needed,” he said, summarizing the program for the next six weeks. So one to two sessions of cardio and strength training per day, or about 3 hours per day.

If this period is not the most exciting moment of the season for a Formula 1 driver, Pierre Gasly approaches it with confidence and determination as he can measure his sporting development from year to year. “During my first seasons with Pyry (Salmela, his gym coach, editor’s note.), we laid the foundation that I can rely on today. I didn’t train with the same volume and intensity when I started in F1,” he assures. We compared my physical performance at the moment with the performance of February last year, after preparation. They are clearly less good, but not that good, so I already know that in a few weeks I will be in better shape than ever.”

Gucci jacket, trousers and sunglasses, AlphaTauri sweatshirt.

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Pierre Gasly had the best season of his career in 2021, finishing ninth in the drivers’ standings, behind the duos of four teams that have dominated the F1 championship (Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Ferrari and McLaren) that AlphaTauri can hardly imagine competing against . . He finished on the podium in Baku, Azerbaijan, ran the entire Monaco Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton in the rearview mirror, started in the front row at the Doha Grand Prix, Qatar and, above all, was more consistent. His regularity, more specifically his tendency to start or finish in sixth place, has even earned him the nickname “6asly” on social media.

“There are exactly two races in a Formula 1 season…


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