Penn Badgley explains why You moved from Paris to London | Entertainment

Penn Badgley says ‘You’ season 4 has moved to London because it’s ‘cheaper’.

The Gossip Girl actor plays killer Joe Goldberg in the hit Netflix thriller, and while the third-season finale was supposed to be mostly set in Paris, most of the story will take place in London.

Revealing that the team filmed the first four episodes for the next series, he told Entertainment Tonight, “Honestly, it’s cheaper. [to film in London].”

The new location was a boost for Penn, who brought along his 38-year-old wife Domino Kirk, with whom he has a 20-month-old son, and their family in a homecoming of sorts for his Englishman. partner, who also has a 14-year-old son Cassius with her former partner Morgan O’Kane.

He said: “It’s very nice for her to be back because she left when she was 12 – it’s a formative period in her life.

“She moved to New York, so for her England is an incredibly pleasant memory. When she returned, it was very emotional for her, so it was nice to see them in London.

“We were walking down the street of her childhood, which she hadn’t been on… for about 25 years or so, and bought ice cream from a small truck.”

Meanwhile, Penn noted that while the spirit of “You” will remain the same, the upcoming run will move into “a different format.”

He teased, “The tone is similar, but it changes because there is a different format. We are using a different format.

“It’s like we’re changing the genre a bit. And I think it works.”

The 35-year-old star also explained that the show should take its own direction and not be an exact representation of Caroline Kepnes’ book series.

He added: “Nothing was the same, and the author of the book and the creators of the show they always knew, starting from the same place, from the same point – Joe from the books – if you recreate him exactly, it would be really hard. watch.


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