Our recipe of the week: strawberry tiramisu and limoncello

Recipe steps:

one. Rinse, drain, dry and clean the strawberries.

2. In a bowl, mash a few strawberries with limoncello (or other alcohol) and 10 g of sugar. Book.

3. Cut the rest of the strawberries into slices, then break the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Then beat the yolks with 50 g of sugar. Add the mascarpone, vanilla sugar and mix vigorously until the mixture is smooth and elastic.

four. Now beat egg whites in a salad bowl. Once they are frothy, add the rest of the sugar and continue beating until they are fairly firm.

5. Stir the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture. Now put the cookies on the bottom of the form, preferably transparent, or in separate molds. Drizzle with Strawberry Limoncello Sauce.

6. Spread half of the mascarpone cream over the cookies, then top with a layer of strawberries and top again with the mascarpone cream. Decorate the surface with the remaining strawberries. Reserve 3 hours in the refrigerator before serving.

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