Oman removes all travel restrictions due to COVID-19

The country has lifted the remaining measures to combat COVID-19 as it prepares to welcome foreign visitors.

Oman has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions, allowing travelers to enter the country without a PCR test. The country has also dropped its tracking and tracing program as national flag carrier Oman Air prepares to welcome visitors.

Oman lifts all travel restrictions

After more than two years of restrictions, Oman has canceled all measures to combat COVID-19. Oman’s High Committee on COVID-19 announced a decision on May 22 that would end the country’s PCR testing requirements and traceability program.

The committee stated

“The Supreme Committee urges everyone, especially the elderly, people with chronic diseases and those with immunodeficiency, to adhere to wearing a mask in closed spaces, and citizens and residents to receive vaccine revaccination.”

Visitors will no longer need to take a PCR test. Photo: Getty Images

International travelers no longer need to register with the Omani eMushrif app or take a PCR test either before departure or upon arrival. The move also lifts Oman’s mandate to wear masks, which extended to public places and large gatherings.


Followed by neighboring countries

Oman’s decision comes after neighboring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, took steps to ease their COVID restrictions earlier in the year.

Saudi Arabia lifted most of its COVID-19 measures in March, and the UAE did so even earlier in February.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Oman has recorded about 389,000 cases of infection and 4,200 deaths from COVID among a population of five million.

Omani authorities have warned residents to remain vigilant and follow certain rules, such as wearing a mask after contact with an infected person and self-isolating at home if they have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Air restoration in Oman

Oman Air is slowly recovering and the airline is slowly rebuilding its network. Now that Oman has lifted travel restrictions, Oman Air is bracing for a surge in demand across its international network.

The airline has expanded its Boeing 737 MAX operations and recently partnered with Qatar Airways to transport football fans to the 2022 FIFA World Cup from November.

Oman’s national carrier operates a fleet of mostly 50 Boeing aircraft, including more than 30 Boeing 737s and a growing fleet of Dreamliners.

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