Olivia Travel creates inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community

Finding love, lust and everything in between

In Floratos’ 20 years of operation, Olivia has seen dramatic demographic changes. While they may have looked older and bonded in the past, today’s guests are 21 to 92 years old (older guests are called OWLs or older wise lesbians) arriving as friends, couples, chosen families, mothers supporting daughters, and vice versa. Attendance is also growing among non-binary and transgender clients.

“We [the Generation Q] trip, we started noticing more transgender guests joining us and we feel so welcome in the community, woman to man or man to woman,” says Florato. “And there were so many guests that I met and approached me and introduced myself as non-binary, or was clearly in the transgender community. And that’s great about Olivia as the company continues to grow, and it’s not just for women.”

But the largest population growth to date has come from solo travellers. “We had about 400 individual travelers on [L Word Generation Q] trip,” says Floratos. In fact, there are so many solo travelers booking Olivia’s trips that there are now dedicated solo programs if you want to get involved. “You can go and be alone if you want,” Floratos says. “But you know this is where you’ll be eating, this is where you’ll be sitting in the theater during performances, these are activities we’ll be doing throughout the day so you can meet other solos.”

And while they don’t actively promote the idea of ​​”bondable bachelors,” as Floratos puts it, Olivia’s trip could easily serve as a vacation singles club. Or even a dating service. “We want solos to feel like they have a place to meet other solos,” says Floratos. “There were many guests who found their love in Olivia.”

For proof, look for nothing but Floratos herself. 15 years ago, she was approached by DJ Rockaway, the woman who would later become her wife. “I was running the resort and my wife was vacationing,” she says. “She came up to me at the end of the week and said, ‘I’m a DJ in New York, here’s my card – if you’re ever looking for a DJ, give me a call.’

A year later, they hired Rockaway as a full-time entertainment for the company. Then something started to happen. “There is one interesting thing about our Olivia team, our artists, our DJs – we are like a real family,” Floratos says. “There were several years when we traveled together, [but] in other ways. And then on one trip to Punta Cana, we were both alone. We’ve always loved each other as friends, and we realized, “Oh my God, I think there’s more to this than just friendship.”

They got married in 2015, and in what seems like a dream marriage scenario, they often work together in heavenly places. Inspired perhaps by her own journey,…


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