Ohio River Way to promote outdoor tourism in cities along the river

PORTSMUT, Ohio. (WSAZ) – The Ohio River flows past dozens of cities. This is the reason many of these cities exist today. A non-profit organization called the Ohio River Way aims to promote those cities that call the banks of the Ohio River “home.”

Portsmouth Mayor Sean Dunn is one of several who will travel downstream by canoe to Cincinnati on Tuesday. The trip is part of the Ohio River Way initiative to bring awareness to all the region has to offer.

“This trip will allow me to better understand the Ohio River itself. It connects cities from Portsmouth to Louisville to recognize that the region has plenty to do outdoors,” Dunn said.

Brewster Rhodes, chairman of the Ohio River Way board, will be canoeing from Portsmouth to Louisville. He says it will take 10 days.

“On the way, we will stop at approximately 18 different communities and hold ribbon-cutting ceremonies with elected officials and community leaders in these communities,” Rhoads said.

Rhodes says cities along the Ohio River are full of potential and already have a lot to offer, like walking and biking and nature trails.

“Our goal is to create a recognized adventure travel destination where people can also learn about the history and culture of this part of the United States,” Rhodes said.

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