New Greek tourism campaign based on real events

New Greek tourism campaign based on real events

A new campaign by the Hellenic National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is based on the true story of an Austrian named Otto who visited Greece many years ago but decided to stay in the country forever.

“This year we decided to focus on the emotions caused by visiting our country. A true story inspires a new advertising campaign for Greece abroad, telling about the experience of a traveler who originally came to our country on vacation, but the peace, simplicity and beauty he experienced made him stay, work, start a family. in Greece and will finally change his life forever,” said Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

GNTO General Secretary Dimitris Fragakis added that “this year’s campaign content is based on a true story that touches the senses of travelers and highlights the authenticity of the destination called Greece. The originality and authenticity are so strong that they will make the visitor think about staying in our country forever.”


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