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Modify the recipe in three essential ways and it’s yours.

Sarah Joy Hayes learned about this rule of thumb from fellow baker and business owner Joy Wilson. Wilson has garnered national attention with her food blog, cookbooks, classes, and even occasional events. Joy the baker magazine.

Hayes sprinkles sea salt on his signature chocolate chip cookies and refrigerates the dough to get the right texture. During baking, she knocks on the baking sheet so that the cookies wrinkle around the edges. Together with her staff at CounterspaceBR, she bakes batches daily for her own store and also delivers to Social, Lighthouse and French Truck coffee shops in Baton Rouge. Any three ridges or ridges you make to make this recipe your own will deviate from many local notions of sweet perfection.

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CounterspaceBR cookies, cakes, cupcakes and brownies lined the counter of a new Jefferson Highway location on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The good news is that there is still a lot of delicious food ahead. Hayes plans to gradually reopen, as permits permit, his second Counterspace office in a new complex near the intersection of Jefferson Highway and Corporate Boulevard.

“Hopefully within a week,” Hayes said of the soft opening of Couterspace Bocage. The grand opening is scheduled for June 17 if all goes well with the permits.

Hayes wisely keeps many of the treats that have built her brand over the past five years, since her first forays into the Mid City Makers Market in early 2017. Chocolate chip cookies, sprinkled cookies, tahini pies and cinnamon pies. the rolls followed her from the pop-up tent to a stall in the White Star market, and then to a stall in the Southdowns, hidden behind a wall and tucked between Uncle Earl’s bar and the Cangelosi dance project.

But the second location provides opportunities for development.

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The new CounterspaceBR store on the Jefferson Highway has not only baked goods, but shelves full of cookbooks on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“With the bakery, we are seeing an upward trend,” Hayes said. “It would be great to get out from behind the wall and have a real experience in an area with traffic.”

While the Southdowns location continues to operate, Counterspace Bocage will allow Hayes to expand into kitchen retail, harking back to her Washington, D.C. days when she split time between nonprofits and a kitchenware store called Hill’s Kitchen.

She’ll bring ten or fifteen of her favorite cookbooks with her to Counterspace Bocage, celebrating the diversity of cultures and cuisines among the authors.

“We’ll have Pie book Erin McDowell. Everything she touches is gold. We love her,” Hayes said. – If anyone ever asks: “My child loves to bake. What do I give them? This is One hundred cookies Sara Keefer. This is the best cookie cookbook.”

Customers can also find Vintage baker Jesse Sheehan, Starter of the New World Brian Ford from New Orleans and Life is what you bake Baton Rouge native and Great American Baking Show winner Vallerie Lomas.

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Hayes plans to stock up on kitchen utensils to pair with cookbooks — “one-off items you might not have so you can follow through on recipes,” she said.

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CounterspaceBR owner Sarah Hayes showcases several items that will be available when the new store opens on Jefferson Highway on Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Other items include table linens, sieves, kitchen scales and baking sheets. The prominent counter and dry box will hold all the sweets, as well as enough space for gift wrapping. Hayes hopes to add takeaway refrigerators and freezers in the coming months; she also plans to serve ciabatta and focaccia for lunch, perfected by her team.

There’s too much direct sunlight on one wall, so Hayes hired muralist Hannah Gumbo to add some color in the form of a lucky cat and a huge cookie, minus one bite.

Construction progressed rapidly.

“I received the key on March 3rd,” she said. — I called Norisha Kirtz Glover. [of NRK Construction] that day and said, “We need to start.”

By March 9, she was walking around the construction site with NRK project manager Michael Johnson to take measurements.

She is waiting for final approvals before she can make a soft opening. In the meantime, she enjoys sharing space with her husband Adam and young son Henry. Hayes opened her White Star Market store on Henry’s fourth birthday, and she scheduled the grand opening of the location for his eighth birthday on June 17th.

“He always has so many ideas,” Hayes said. “It’s been a very difficult month trying to open it but he’s so cute and has so much vision when I’m not. He’ll say, “So mom, when we go global, instead of CounterspaceBR, it’ll be CounterspaceLA for LA.”

“It’s so sweet that he sees the work we’re doing to build this. He can see beyond that as long as I say, “Will we ever open?” When will the air conditioner turn on?

Expect to see Henry at the Counterspace Bocage on several weekends and holidays.

“He calls clients,” Hayes said. “He will ask: “Have you tried the cakes?” He loves upselling and loves cakes.”

For more information, go to counterspacebr.com.


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