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New address for Café Kitsuné, a real exchange of coffee culture

In the kingdom of coffee, the roaster is king. Used to cook unflavored green beans to get all the flavors. This preparation must be carried out to preserve its authentic taste as close as possible to the tasting – and there is no doubt that the new address of Café Kitsuné, rue Vertbois, in Paris strives to abide by the rules of traditional know-how. . Behind the Italian-style counter rises the kiln shop, flanked by rough stone walls and oak paneling reminiscent of Japanese architecture. After the first Parisian cafe that opened on Place André Malraux in 2019, Café Kitsuné Vertbois is the new brainchild of the extended Kitsuné family (“fox” in Japanese), an independent brand founded in 2002 by Gildas Loaek and Masaya, that offers the art of full living: from ready-to-wear collections to restaurants, including music. Like the label, the new brand offers a warm place dedicated to the love and good taste of coffee, concentrating all stages, from preparation to tasting. And since this love is shared, the address will also be the only one in the brand, where themed workshops are organized every Saturday to acquaint connoisseurs and lovers with all the intricacies of coffee culture.

Every Saturday, in small groups on rue Verbois, there is an introduction to the culture of coffee. through four thematic workshops that cover the entire process of production, production and tasting. Thus, the first workshop delves into the different regions of production, cultivation methods, bean selection and local characteristics, and then offers live roasting followed by the mythical Japanese V60 hand-brewing method. A place for tasting in the second workshop, which offers to work on your taste with the help of three varieties of Arabica coffee from different origins, and the third one is dedicated to making coffee at home using gentle methods. And what could be better than learning how to make cappuccino like an artist? Thus, Café Kitsuné’s new address is not just a tasting, but a real introduction to the coffee culture that made it famous… at least to the same extent as its famous Japanese cheesecakes.

The new Kitsuné cafe at 30 Rue du Vertbois, 75003 Paris. Booking is available here.


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