Mykonos is a good example of how geopolitical position affects tourism

Tourism logically attracts a large number of researchers due to its scope and the variety of sectors it affects.

Economists, anthropologists, sociologists, doctors, urban planners, geographers and others all study tourism with their own scientific approach. Therefore, in this article we will consider tourism and geopolitical locations.

Mykonos, for example, was an island with a weak economy and limited agricultural resources during the Roman era. It occupies a very important place in the history of ancient Greece, and many archaeological buildings and museums reflect this. It has now become a prestigious cosmopolitan tourist destination due to its geopolitical position.

This is a topic that has been discussed and discussed many times already. Taking into account the conflicting ideas that the actors of the situation under study have, the power or influence on the regions and, consequently, the populations located there, is studied.

Although tourism is a global phenomenon, this activity can be the subject of specific and controversial development projects.

That this applies to certain places remains unchanged, the interests of some may not necessarily coincide with the interests of others.

Also, many of us are backpackers at various times for a few days or weeks, usually for a limited time, and most of us have some experience in the field.

Everyone has a way to travel and be a tourist. For this reason, everyone imagines the tourism development of the places they discover according to their age, social level, cultural and economic environment. Representative offices of tourism experts are also added here.

Geography is a necessary knowledge for the analysis of tourism. They were and remain the motivation, one of the main sources of travel. They are best explained and explained by geographers.

It is at the center of an approach that combines the knowledge and geopolitical approach of geographers.

Finally, if tourism is a global phenomenon, although tourism develops in developing countries, it is a sector that primarily affects developed countries. Recall that the vast majority of tourists travel within their own country.

For example, out of 80% of French people traveling in France, only 11% go abroad due to the multitude of holiday options. Those who rest abroad visit mainly Spain and Italy.

Another example are island paradise residents who prefer to use luxury boutique hotels nearby rather than vacation in another country. Mykonos is one of the many places where locals can enjoy the vibrant nightlife as well as the authentic island lifestyle. Mileo Luxury Suites, a socially responsible hotel, is a popular destination among the locals of Mykonos as it implements sustainable development strategies.

Geopolitical influence

Let’s look at the importance of perceptions in perceiving the impact of tourism on a region. Tourism has…

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