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My dog ​​does not obey me: how to make her obey?

Get your dog to keep his distance when you sit at the table: one of the first instructions for training him. (©CallallooAlexis/AdobeStock)

Learning “good manners” or rules, if you will, should begin at an early age. Your dog is a member of the family and, as such, he, too, must know certain rules, adapt to them, and observe them.

No, your pet must not bite your shoes, steal food as well as barking without stopping. You must encourage him to listen to you, to do what you expect him to do. Rest assured, the dog is able to understand “no”. Only the tone of your voice will matter.

Softness and hardness

If you notice, for example, that he is tearing off the carpet, divert his attention by letting him chew on a bone or taking him for a walk.

Activities such as dexterity can let the dog work on his sense of listening. He is guided by the voice of his master, who is himself trained by a dog trainer.

There is no point in screaming, your pet may become shy or even aggressive.

Dogs need guidance. Set the rules from the start and don’t change them. (© Yana Behr/AdobeStock)

Teach him to distance himself when you eat.

Does your dog constantly scream when you sit at the table? Does he follow you around the house when you have food in hand? Even happened to him. steal food in your kitchen? First question: Does your dog have rules regarding his diet?

Indeed, to avoid stealing or obsessing over food, your animal must have food discipline.

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Your dog should eat once or twice a day at set times. If his bowl or bowl of water is self-service, croquettes are offered to him for a limited time. You can leave it fifteen minutes to eat and then get rid of it.

He should also have his own space: a carpet, a basket, a niche. This is where you will send your dog when you are going to take him away from the table or kitchen.

These two rules are fundamental to his upbringing. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone in your house respects them and that is why no one feeds him under the table!

How to be heard on a walk?

Imagine you are walking with a dog on a leash, she runs away from you and nothing can be done, she does not come back. You whistle, call him, but he decided not to listen to you.

To avoid such a situation, from an early age, play hide and seek with him. While walking, disappear for a few moments without taking your eyes off him. He might panic…

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