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“Menopause shouldn’t be a prelude to demise, however a stage in life” – Liberation


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American-Canadian OB/GYN and feminist activist Jen Gunther is the writer of The Menopause Manifesto, an almost 400-page essay that notably breaks down taboos and busts myths about what she defines as an “existential journey.”

“There isn’t a extra feminist strategy than speaking out loud in regards to the climacteric physique in a patriarchal society,” posing for Canadian-American gynecologist and obstetrician Jen Gunther in The Menopause Manifesto (one). In our Western society, she says, menopause (a time period coined by the French doctor Charles-Paul-Louis de Gardan in 1816) is perceived as a interval of “crucial age”even immediately qualifies as “little demise”. Do not forget that this phenomenon impacts – as a rule, however can happen earlier – girls aged 45 to 55 years and corresponds to the cessation of estrogen (feminine hormones) manufacturing by the ovaries. This causes the cessation of menstruation and is accompanied by problems similar to scorching flashes, vaginal dryness, or temper swings.

Jen Gunter, 55, has been devoted to girls’s sexual and reproductive well being for ten years. Nearly 400,000 folks comply with him on Twitter, blogger, columnist The newspaper “New York Occasions, writer in 2019 vagina bible, a bestseller throughout the Atlantic, this Winnipeg (Canada) native is decided to provide free speech to menopause: finish myths, prejudice and silence. She condemns “aura of disgrace” which surrounds this necessary stage in a lady’s life and which, in her opinion, …


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