Memorial Day Weekend Travel, Safety Tips for Kentuckians

LEXINGTON, KY (FOX 56) – Memorial Day weekend combined with great weather means boating, swimming and travel for many Kentuckians. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe and reduce stress in your wallet during the holiday weekend.

road trip

With nearly 40,000,000 people expected to take the trip, AAA says morning trips are usually the best. Bad driving time is usually from noon to 19:00.

Drivers looking to save on rising gas prices may benefit from slowing down to 5 to 10 mph, with 60 mph being the “gold spot”.

Those looking to fill up their tanks should take a second to shop around and use tools like GasBuddy to compare prices.


If you’re flying, Monday tickets are usually the cheapest. You may want to avoid TSA checks before 7am or between 3pm and 5pm, as this is the busiest time and you may need to wait the longest.

Water safety

The lakes and rivers of Kentucky are expected to be filled with pontoons and speedboats this memorial weekend, but officials said it’s worth stopping to think about the dangers before anchoring boats.

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more Kentuckians have been buying boats, many of whom are inexperienced with boating.

Last year, fish and wildlife reported 17 boating-related deaths in Kentucky waters. Officers say the decisions you make before you start your engine will make all the difference this season.

“We just want people to think about what they are doing. be aware of their surroundings. be safe. we want people to enjoy it and have a good weekend. but we want them to come home and live out the rest of the summer,” said Mike Pritchard, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Service Officer.

The officers also said that everyone on board the boat should have a life jacket and every boat should have a drop float in case someone fell overboard.

In case you need help, every boat should have a whistle or horn to get someone’s attention, and officials are reminding boaters to check their fire extinguishers because they often explode in winter.

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