Memorial Day travel chaos: Over 3,000 flights canceled or delayed

Passengers are bracing for travel chaos this Monday as they head home after Memorial Day weekend as more than 3,000 flights around the world are delayed or cancelled.

More than 39.2 million Americans will be traveling by car, plane, or other forms of transportation such as buses and trains due to the holiday weekend, according to AAA forecasts.

This is 8.3 percent more than in 2021 and puts travel volumes in line with pre-pandemic levels. The numbers show that Americans are increasingly confident that they will be able to travel again, despite rising costs.

However, aircraft tracking website Flight Aware said more than 3,000 flights were flown or canceled worldwide on Monday, with 2,430 aircraft delayed and 841 canceled outright.

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Passengers brace for travel chaos today as they head home after Memorial Day weekend. In the picture: the plane flies over the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.
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In terms of flights within the United States, as well as flights to or from the country, about 340 aircraft were delayed and 241 canceled.

The bad news came just a few hours after the start of a new day, the statistics were released at just 4:15 am, and a long day of travel still lies ahead for many.

According to Flight Aware, passengers will hope they are not as unlucky as those who traveled on Sunday, who faced an impressive 16,425 delays and 1,6,41 cancellations internationally. The US itself has been particularly hard hit, with 4,922 flights delayed and 546 canceled within, to, or from the US.

Angry passengers tweeted their grief from the airport’s lounges.

On Sunday, one posted footage of a young woman sobbing on the floor at an airline counter in the terminal, claiming her flight had been canceled ahead of a trip to Cancun, Mexico with friends for her birthday.

While another passenger wrote: “Instead of canceling my flight a few hours ago, @delta kept me waiting from 3:50pm to 00:04am only to let me know my flight was cancelled.”

And a third wrote: “So our flight from Savannah to Miami was canceled out of the blue, other flights available on the day that we do.”

According to the AAA, the busiest time for air travel was Thursday, May 26, at the start of the long weekend.

Newsweek reached out to Delta regarding claims that passengers are being delayed prior to flight cancellations.

Newsweek also contacted the Federal Aviation Administration.

Passengers should always be up to date with the latest information from their airlines, but can also check their flight status here.

The website’s real-time “map of misery” of the US showed that Los Angeles Airport, LAX, in California, was hit hardest on Monday as of 4:15 a.m. ET, with a number of flights delayed or canceled .

A closer look at the Los Angeles flights that were scheduled all day revealed that seven outbound flights have been reported canceled so far, including two flights to Miami.

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