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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Melanin in May festival is about to take over the far east side of Indy. Saturday’s events will host attendees who can enjoy more than 120 black vendors, artists and food trucks. And fun isn’t the only thing it can bring to the community.

“It’s a giant festival for blacks, browns, fairs, and everyone who’s beautiful in between,” said music artist Jacob Alexander.

This is a brief explanation of what you will find at the Melanin in May Festival. For years, organizer Dominic Dorsey has hosted small events dedicated to black entrepreneurs and creatives.

“Just the thought that we don’t need a specific season to celebrate blackness. We don’t need any particular season to showcase black joy or uncompromising blackness,” Dorsey said.

But for this they raised it a few steps. Saturday festival will last from 11:00 to 17:00 and will stretch to all corners of the CAFE parking lot.

“I want to make sure we do this in a place where we can highlight CAFE and the work they do in the community, the resources they provide,” Dorsey said.

An Afrocentric art walk will be organized and 125 black-owned vendors and chefs will compete in a food truck battle royale.

“Support black owned businesses, support black owned businesses,” said Tonya Coleman. Coleman operates under the alias Chef TLC and she will be ready with her Faith the Food Bus business.

“I just enjoy having my own. My own. Work not for others, but work for yourself,” she said.

There will also be live music. Alexander will share the stage with several artists. He expects artists looking to get back into the crowd to “fire up”.

“For these people to dance with you, meet you with smiles on their faces,” he said.

Dorsey says it’s a moment to enjoy black culture, but it’s an event for everyone.

“It will be a movie. It will be an event,” Dorsey said.

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