Meet the man behind the infamous Savannah Bananas entertainment.

SAVANNA, GA (WSAV) — The countdown to the first pitch was just a few steps away, but for Entertainment Director Zack Frongillo, the show has already begun.

This show, which took weeks to create, required so many props and uniforms that the Bananas have a dedicated room for everyone.

Deep inside Grayson Stadium.

“We have a bacon suit,” says Fronjillo. “Banana costumes, animal costumes, tank tops. And all that stuff too. Almost every one of them, I’m like, “Why is this here?”

The contents of these shelves and racks are more suitable for parties than for a baseball team.

But this is no ordinary baseball team.

“This is what we call the studio, and the studio is kind of our playground for all the fun,” Fronjillo said. “So this is where we put all of our props, this is where we put everything that happens throughout the game.

Fronjillo is in charge of everything from costumes to color bombs.

“I distinctly remember walking in here and thinking, ‘Oh my God, there’s so much here. I see yellow toilet seats, I see barney heads, I see so many different things. everything you can imagine was down here.”

“Here it is before the game. First inning, second inning, third inning,” Fronhillo said.

However, in all this madness there is a method.

“Everything is very thoughtful and thought out to the second, just to let us know that everything is going well and everything is in the right place.”

Fronjillo’s resource solutions here are helping to entertain the thousands of fans up there.

“I think I have probably the most intense view of the show, I would say. I see it much more specifically and really, really pick on the show because we’re always trying to make it the best we can,” says Fronjillo. “So we’re always pushing and pushing the boundaries of what we can do on the baseball field.

Judging by the props in this room, there’s plenty of ammo to push those boundaries even further.

That props room actually had a lot more stuff when Fronjillo got to Savannah. He had to move an entire rack filled with items that hadn’t been used in years.

Fun fact: Bananas also record podcasts and video interviews in this room. They really use every square inch of this office space.

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