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Marvel Avengers Campus Opening July 20 at Disneyland Paris!

The highly anticipated Marvel Avengers Campus will open on July 20, 2022 at Disneyland Paris. This new universe will allow visitors to meet their favorite Marvel superheroes and go on epic Marvel missions!

According to Disney, “The Marvel Avengers Campus is a completely redesigned universe dedicated to finding, recruiting and training the next generation of Heroes here and now at Disneyland Paris. » This new universe allows you to create 450 new jobs at Disneyland Paris, two-thirds of which are in long-term positions. Park management has also worked to train the current 16,000 employees of the Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Avengers campus will include two new rides. First up is the Spider-Man WEB Adventure, an attraction where visitors can help Spider-Man capture Spider-Bots by virtually launching their own web. To create the illusion of a real web, Disney Imagineers used infrared cameras on the attraction’s vehicle to analyze visitors’ actions up to 60 times per second. Using these cameras, the attraction’s high-tech analytics can detect when visitors are attempting to launch a web and virtually recreate that web in an interactive game.

Second new attraction Avengers Gathering: Flight Force, an attraction that will allow visitors to team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to fend off an intergalactic threat. The ride will also feature the Avengers audio animatronics, a first for all Disney parks, complete with an Iron Man minifigure.

As with the US version, the Marvel Avengers campus at Dinseyland Paris will feature many of the franchise’s famous characters such as Doctor Strange, Star-Lord and Gamora, Okoye and more walking through the park to greet visitors. While enjoying this new universe, visitors will also be able to enjoy the battles between their favorite heroes and the forces of evil.

However, the Marvel Avengers campus at Disneyland Paris will have a special feature: the exclusive presence of FRIDAY, the artificial intelligence that works with Tony Stark. FRIDAY will welcome new recruits and signal the arrival of the Avengers.

There are also plans to open several new restaurants, including Pim Kitchen which will offer a menu with disproportionate portions. The restaurant is inspired by the PYM Particle technology from the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp, which allows you to change the size of the ingredients. Another new restaurant StarkFactory is a fast food service that will offer pizza and pasta. food truck WEB-Global Nutrition Brigade

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