Marketing news, calendar of new events and Tourism Week 2022

Consecutive record hotel revenue in January and February

Rossland’s February listing revenue was $1.52 million, the highest ever for our resort municipality. January was the second highest ($1.36 million). The previous record was set before the pandemic in January 2019 ($1.26 million).

Recent Marketing Achievements

Our referral system for finding and booking accommodation was running on our website during the winter season, driving traffic to our stakeholders’ websites. You can check our booking platform here.

We have ALMOST 11,000 followers on Instagram. Check out our amazing content and follow us.

During the 2021/2022 fiscal year, we have supported many events in Rossland, including the Rossland Museum and Discovery Center, Black Jack Canada Cup, Rekindle, Peak Pride, Rattlecat and more. To learn more about the Tourism Rossland Event Grants Program, please visit our website

A new map, Trails of the Rossland Range, is available. You can pick up a copy from the usual distribution points (Rossland Museum and Discovery Center, Kootenay Gateway, Revolution Cycles) or email us and we can deliver multiple copies.

We have been working with Tartanbond, a full-service digital marketing and PR agency, since fall 2021 to expand our presence in targeted media markets. During this time, we have organized 13 media trips and look forward to media coverage of these efforts. Huge thanks to our stakeholders who helped us welcome the media by providing lodging, food and drink, and various Rossland experiences.

The media guests we hosted are as follows:

Caroline Heller – Forbes Travel Guide / Travelers

Andrew Penner – Calgary Herald

Susan Reefer – SKI Magazine, Outside, Los Angeles Magazine, United Airlines ‘Hemisphere’

Diane Selkirk – Canadian Geographic

Leah Crow – Avenue Magazine

Louise Tuck and Robin Tuck are influencers

ROAM Media Group – group of influencers / photographers

Lisa Kadane – Vancouver Sun

Kristen Schnelten – Mountain Life Media

Kristen Bohr – Barefoot Theory and Van Life Magazine

Josh Laskin – Matador Network

Kari Medig and Tim Neville

Team Strait and Narrow Beverage

Help us complete our calendar of events

At the beginning of the pandemic, we decided to create a new event calendar platform. Of course, it was not easy to test the platform, many events failed to pass. Now that things are starting to seem normal again, we’d like you to help us add events to our calendar and test the platform. This calendar will be posted on the Tourism Rossland website and, in the future, on the websites of our on-demand tourism partners.

The process of adding events to the calendar is simple:

1) Create a Facebook Event

2) Add Tourism Rossland as a co-host of your Facebook event (this will also allow your event to appear on our Facebook page, which has over fourteen…

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