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Louis Style, 23: Antiques in English

“I arrived in Neuchâtel last December. I am originally from Norwich, England and also studied at Lincoln and London. There are so many options to dress up in the capital, you can really find everything. For my part, I have always been attracted to vintage stores and thrift stores. This passion came to me from my parents, who also bought clothes from this store. As a rule, when I go hunting, I don’t have a specific idea: if something catches my eye, I buy it. I think after the fact to pick it up to my wardrobe. I also use certain apps, always for vintage, like Depop or Vinted. And I’m going to buy the essentials – socks, leggings, etc. – from big brands like H&M or Zara.”

“I wanted to find it Blazer. I saw it on the shoulders of the American rapper Amine. Since then I have told myself that I need it. I finally managed to find someone who sells it on the Depop app.”

“My bag this is one of the last things I bought myself. This is Carhartt, which is by no means second hand. I recently lost all my paperwork, ID, driver’s license, etc. I thought I needed something practical to keep it all. Since then, she has not left me.

“These necklaces trending now, I noticed a lot of young people are wearing them on TikTok. I saw they were on sale at the Metro boutique in Neuchâtel and bought one with flowers. I had another one before, this time with leaves, but the color faded quickly.”

“My bag Dr Martens. It’s usually quite expensive, but luckily I was able to find it in action. It was clearly a good purchase, it follows me everywhere, I wear it every day and I can fit absolutely all my things in it.

“My pants this is a Ralph Lauren that I found in a thrift store in England. It’s a little big, but it only cost me £25 (about 30 francs) and with a strap, that’s no problem. Either way, I’m a big fan of baggy haircuts.”

“Usually I wear shoes with many colors. Today I needed a pair that didn’t contrast too much with my clothes and was comfortable. it’s a little mine casual shoes“.

“Maybe I should change piercing sometimes I feel like I always wore them (laugh). I must have had them since I was 18 or 19 for sure. I like the way I look with them, they are clearly part of me.

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