Los Angeles: Airline passengers pay for airfare when traveling on Memorial Day; expect high prices in the summer

Burbank, California. (KABC) — Many of those who fly on the busy Memorial Day weekend pay a hefty price for their flights.

“This is terrible! It’s a short flight and $1,100,” traveler Beverly Hartley said. “In the South-West”.

“I have to go to Vegas this coming weekend and I’m trying to find something that will go in and out and it seems so expensive,” Southern California resident David Matthew Rodriguez said.

Some analysts say people should expect price increases to continue throughout the summer.

Airfare rose a whopping 33% in April compared to last year. But the sticker shock doesn’t stop many from taking to the skies.

Experts predict that by the summer of 2022, the number of air passengers will exceed the pre-pandemic level, despite the rapid rise in prices.

“Actually, it turned out to be much cheaper for us to fly than drive, because we usually go from Sacramento to Hollywood, but gas is so expensive that it’s almost worth it to just fly,” said traveler Lydia Miranda.

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Over the long holiday weekend, the TSA is expected to test more than two million people a day across the country.

Many are ready to travel after all the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and as planes fill up, demand is pushing up prices.

“They’ve gone up a lot in the last couple of months, the prices of everything have really hit the wallet hard, and then you can’t have as much fun wherever you go,” said Southern California resident Kimberly Winegar.

AAA reports that about 35 million motorists will drive to their holiday destination.

Meanwhile, a wave of flight cancellations continues across the country this Memorial Day weekend.

Luckily, only 17 flights have been canceled at Los Angeles Airport in the last 24 hours.

More than 1,200 flights were canceled across the country on Sunday, with Delta being the hardest hit, with 240 flights canceled on Saturday alone.

The company blames bad weather and the actions of air traffic controllers.

At airports, experts are urging everyone to take more time for themselves and arrive early, in case these delays continue to pile up.

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