Local Businesses in Tourism Destinations Need More Seasonal Workers

VICTOR, NY (WROC) — This summer will be the first in three years to allow the tourism industry in the Greater Rochester area to fully reopen and welcome summer travelers who don’t give up on vacation plans. But hiring enough staff while maneuvering through inflation is the next business challenge.

Millions of people are expected to hit the road this summer despite higher gas and other vacation costs. Those who work in the places that make Western New York and the Finger Lakes unique now need enough seasonal workers like lifeguards, waiters and other hospitality jobs to keep up.

Mike Roder turns 20 in ran the Ravenwood Golf Club for a year. Their prime visitor season has already begun and they still have vacancies to fill.

“We still face the challenge of getting the staff up to the level we are looking for to offer the services we would like to offer,” Roeder told us. “So we have people working long hours and overtime just to get a seat in some of our holes.”

It’s the same with places like Seabreeze, which are still looking for more than a dozen jobs despite already being open on the weekends. At Ravenwood, Roeder hoped to fill seasonal jobs with students for the summer, but still failed.

“After graduating from high school, we will pick up a few younger people,” Roder continued. “And colleges are pretty much over, so we already have these people working. It’s also a challenge because we have people working here from 4:00 to 2:00.”

Business owners in the travel industry know they will need to fill these spots soon because even with the U.S. annual inflation rate reaching 8.3%, according to the Department of Labor, people from near and far are expected to travel through the Greater Rochester area to see what makes it unique.

“Honestly, we are so happy that we can return,” said Mary Ferrauilo, who attended the wedding of a friend. “And what I love most about this reunion is that we all just feel more grateful. Everyone was so excited and longing to get back to it.”

“It’s great, I love coming here,” said Tim Dean, who comes to Ravenwood from Florida. “These are my friends, and there is nothing better.”

If you’re still looking for part-time jobs this summer, Seabreeze has vacancies by clicking here. Monroe County is also recruiting in various departments and Ravenwood has vacancies here.


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