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Lifestyle: When Andy Valu tells his story through Judge

“Jaja”, no, we don’t mean the now very popular song “Jaja” by Ayanakamura, but this is a trendy place located in the industrial area of ​​Marrakech, signed by Hasan Hadjaj. A place in the image of this photographer and designer, which was snapped up by all the stars. We went last Saturday to the opening of this hybrid cafe-restaurant-shop-gallery venue. Immersion in musical and artistic experience.

A trip to the Jajjah cafe (name in verlan) immerses you directly into the pop and spicy universe of Hassan Hajjaj. The one we have nicknamed Andy Valu received us last Saturday, as he knows how to do it, in complete relaxation in his new cafe, where he exhibits young designers and presents his brands of clothing and psychedelic items. As soon as we entered, we were already fascinated by the underground and trendy “atmosphere” of the place and the guests.

The program of this opening includes discussions and debates about art, as well as the place of the Moroccan hip-hop leader in the MENA region. The crates of jars are reserved for colorful benches acting as a Moroccan living room, it was in this room, located in the middle of the tea room, that ordinary curious people, distinguished guests and journalists sat to discuss everything together in an informal and complete relaxation. The debate was headlined by dignitaries such as Sam Lambert, Shaka Maidoh and Hassan Haja himself on the first panel.

The latter consisted of a discussion of the notion of community, collaboration and individual practices, using the example of Kamoinge, a photography collective founded in 1963. The second and no less important panel, which brought together some of the best Moroccan rappers, El Grande Totto, Draganow, Dizzy Dross and also Small X. They were all there to take stock of Moroccan hip hop and talk about progress as well as expectations of the Moroccan music scene.

A good-natured atmosphere and high-quality exchanges were in the program of this opening as never before. One of the highlights was that Totto took the floor to say that if he is one of the most streamed rappers today, it is because of his elders and in particular Dizzy Dross, from whom he bought at least five copies of his debut album. . When it comes to tasting, Jajjah doesn’t fuss. The motto is street food, and whoever says street food says a Moroccan dish that you eat on the go. Don’t expect gourmet food, here we are talking about bocadillo, a chicken sandwich and fries, just like at home. At the end of the debate, the rappers gave us a very intimate show in a goofy setting that only Hasan Hajaj has the recipe for.

Dizzy Dross with his international phlegm and the look of an American rapper, Draganov and his side…

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