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Lifestyle: Wash your hair after playing sports. Yes or no ? Our response

Wash your hair after your workout. Yes or no ?

And yes, when you come home after a workout, your hair becomes flat, greasy and therefore looks bad. Hairdressers recommend not shampooing every day, as this can attack them.

Rinse hair without shampoo

If you don’t tend to sweat a lot, you can wash your hair with clean water. Skin fat will go away without much difficulty. You can use dry shampoo to prevent frizz and make your hair look more presentable. Attention, if dry shampoo can be useful, it does not remove impurities.

Reduce the bold look with a brush

When sweat settles at the hairline, you can brush your hair to reduce the greasy look. Be careful when you play sports, if you tie your hair, the sweat will not dry and you risk causing fungus at the root. You can use a hair dryer, but again, be careful not to burn them. And if sweating is too important, the hair will look bad, you will have to make shampoo with water.

Good idea: moisturizing mask

Hair is alive, so you need to take care of it. Pamper him. Apply a moisturizing mask once a week and leave on for 10 minutes. This will nourish and benefit those ends that will be partially restored. A scrub is also recommended.

Taking care of your hair does not mean washing it every day. Also keep an eye on the smell of your head, which indicates the condition of your hair. Tip from our hairdresser: “Wash your hair twice a week. Washing them daily can really upset the balance of sebum production on the scalp.”

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