Lifestyle trend 2023

Natural open spaces

Whether it’s a simple hike, a day trip or a multi-month motorhome ride, the pandemic has given consumers the opportunity to get back to nature. The demand for outerwear, also known as “Gorpcore”, reflects this trend.

In 2023, city dwellers, whether families with small children or retirees, will continue to settle on greener pastures, as they have since the beginning of 2020. This is due to a number of factors that include, in addition to the COVID factor, astronomical housing growth. prices in urban centers and urban violence.

Social activism meets business America

As the 2024 election campaigns begin to heat up in the United States, Americans of all ages, from baby boomers to Generation Z, will come together to challenge far-right views and anti-democratic positions. They expect companies to support them. The more consumers rely on companies weighing the issues that matter to them, the more investors will view this activity as an extension of corporate interests, rather than a deviation from them.

Looking for a better “you”

Many spent the pandemic-related quarantine improving their skills. This trend will continue until 2023. Consumers have found that they enjoy activities such as taking online courses, trying vegan recipes, learning a foreign language, or playing a musical instrument. Levels of depression and anxiety in the United States have skyrocketed, and health experts are helping people find ways to counter this negativity.

extreme traveler

Now that people are free to travel again from Vietnam to Nigeria, they will enjoy visiting places they never thought to discover, especially in Asia and Africa. This also applies to parents who, after two years of homeschooling, decide to give their children an international education while traveling.

craving for blue

During the FW22 sales season, denim made a huge impact, appearing in a variety of forms on the main runways. This trend will continue into 2023 as consumers look for fashionable yet as comfortable clothing as the ones they wore during the pandemic. Looks will range from blue jeans paired with a white shirt or tee and trainers to solid double embroidered jeans and outerwear.

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