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life of French emigrants in Portugal

The ritual is done. Once a month, Antoine Blanchy, President of French Tech Lisbon, gathers local French people. On this Wednesday evening in December, he invited newcomers to Casa Cabana, a friendly haven in Bairro Alto. The young people at the table belong to a battalion of around 400 French techies who have come to take advantage of the dynamism and quality of life in Lisbon, Portugal’s capital.

In addition to Diane Doden-Claveau, the young owner of the premises, also an investor and secretary of French Tech Lisbon, there is Adrien Hardy, an aspiring YouTuber who intends to democratize real estate through blockchain; Marion Beyer and Barbara Stenzel, two friends who created an e-commerce platform; and Antoine Blanchys is thus a manitou for start-ups during a growth crisis.

Having settled for twenty years, this son of a Portuguese, married to a local woman, found his paradise. ” Lisbon is well established in the European digital scene, he assures. Many groups and startups have set up back offices there, notably BNP Paribas and Natexis. And then there’s the fauna of entrepreneurs and digital nomads, some of whom ended up with the pandemic. Even if the French system is more mature, Lisbon or Porto are ideal places to start a startup. And we, at French Tech, are trying to create synergy. »

At the other end of the table, Marion Beyer and Barbara Stenzel match the pattern described by Antoine. ” Terrible first conclusion and the trauma of the November 2015 attacks convinced Marion to leave Paris and her position as press officer at Sanofi Pasteur, along with her small family. ” My husband is of Portuguese origin. Coming here was obvious: we are in more contact with nature, everyone speaks English, and then on the street we feel incomparably more safe. »

His girlfriend is Barbara, she worked in online advertising and ” tired of his shitty job “. Together, two friends created IDIM (I Did It Myself), a site selling jewelry, cosmetics and other ceramics made by Portuguese craftsmen. Tonight they came to the network, and after not having worked here for half a year, they insist: The crush is total! »

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Aperitif, taxation and real estate

It is said that today there are 40,000 French people living in Portugal: two-thirds of active people and one-third of pensioners who enjoy the good times. Compatriots who repeat to him that this is a blow of the heart, Laurent Goater crosses into a shovel. Director of a Portuguese industrial group, this handsome celebrity is also President of the French Consular Council of Portugal.

Something like a super-municipal councilor, he voluntarily responds to the cares brought to him and travels regularly between Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve …

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