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Letizia Casta talks about her fashion, lifestyle and culture preferences

Models whose careers do you admire?
“Christy Turlington and Yasmine Gauri, who fascinated me with their choice of life: she went out of fashion to live her life as a mother, as a woman. I think there’s something rather mysterious about her.”

Unique address in Paris?
“Judy’s, rue de Fleurus, at 6e district Super healthy restaurant and I love the atmosphere.”

Where do you unplug?
“My bath”.

Romantic / Universal

Soundtrack that makes you happy?
“The one from Clara Haskillast name from Juliet Armane, and Travels Bernard Laville.

The book that changed you?
Women who run with the wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

What is your cult film if there was only one?
Paris, Texas Wim Wenders.

Which actress would you like to play with?
“Alana Heim, who plays in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, and a French icon: Beatrice Dallet, who I might be playing with soon.”

In your opinion, the greatest living legend?
“Inanimate, Mother Teresa, because she said this phrase, so sensitive that it touches me: “All those who approach you, do not let them leave more miserable than they are.” Otherwise I’ll say Greta Thunberg.”


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