Le Goût de M becomes an addition to M magazine Le magazine du Monde, – Image

taste M.

Le Goût de M, the lifestyle editorial offering of M Le magazine du Monde, will be complemented by a special issue that will be published three times a year with the magazine as part of the World Weekend promotion. The first Le Goût de M app was launched on March 11 and consisted of four covers illustrating the art of living: cooking, travel, fashion and design. “From the beginning, M has been a magazine that walks on two legs: information and lifestyle. But we wanted to bring forward a lifestyle because it is both a source of pleasure, an expression of an era and a profound reflection of the individual,” said Marie-Pierre Lannelong, Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Broadcast is the red thread of this first issue, linking the four covers and inspiring stories: where does taste come from? How is he born? What is the role of tradition, family environment or encounters in building taste and creativity? Weaving techniques, textiles in art, lace lasagna: transmission, “passing time and what is eternal” are the main themes of this issue of Le Goût de M, the magazine says.

The magazine is also available every week on the “Le Goût de M” podcast. Every Friday, in this podcast produced by Géraldine Sarratia, available for free from the beginning of November, one person tells their personal story of taste.

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