Lala Kent feels ‘sluggish’ after plastic surgery | Entertainment

Lala Kent feels ‘sluggish’ after plastic surgery.

Friends filmed the 31-year-old reality TV star as she woke up in a hospital bed and joked that she wanted to go home to bed and watch The Real Housewives and vaguely said she had “breasted” while also with her ear clamped.

In a video posted to Instagram, he said, “Did I fart? I feel broken. I want my bed…and Housewives I want a hair dryer in bed to keep me warm…and then lie down in it.

The Vanderpumps Rules star, who is the mother of fourteen-month-old Ocean and ex-fiance Randal Emmett, then assured her friend Jess that she “looks amazing” despite being in a hospital bed.

Jess said, “How are you feeling? They said you did so well. Yes, you really did it. They said you did amazing.

Lala replied, “Well, Jess, I slept, of course, I did great.”

When Jess asked her friend if she had dreams while under anesthesia, Lala replied, “No. Only my eyelids.

Lala later captioned the post, “I continued riding in the elevator, announcing to everyone who came in, ‘I got my breasts done.’ Some may wonder why my head is wrapped. We were all so caught up in chit-chat that we forgot to mention that my sweet left ear was pinned back. [heart emoji] I feel very happy. Thanks @plastixdocs.

Previously, Lala explained that she “loves” plastic surgery and claimed that “there is nothing hotter” than the female form.

She said: “I think I just sit and say, ‘You know what, this is my body and I love it and I can change it tomorrow or leave it as it is and I just think women are great.’ body, nothing is hot. So show it.”


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