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Christine Quinn wants another child.

The reality TV realtor who rose to fame on the Netflix series Sunset Sale gave birth to her first child last year, a son named Christian Richard, and now she is looking to the future and sees that she will have another child with her husband Christian DuMonte. .

In an interview with Us Weekly, Christine was asked if she had any plans for baby number two, and she replied, “Absolutely. I want to have another child in the future.”

She recently celebrated her little boy’s birthday on May 15 and says she is enjoying her new life as a mom.

Kristin added: “I don’t think anyone is ready for the overwhelming feeling of being a mom for the first time.

“I love being a mom. It’s really a sacred special thing.”

The TV presenter also revealed that she sees a lot of herself in her son, but she also sees aspects of her partner, Christian.

Kristin has been on The Sunset Sale since it launched in 2019, but her future on the show now looks uncertain.

The show is about the brilliant real estate company Oppenheim Group, but it recently revealed that it has “terminated” its contract with the firm to focus on launching its own cryptocurrency real estate business, RealOpen.

Kristin said: “I terminated my contract when the brokerage opened. I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could hand it over to my brokerage.”

The blond beauty previously discussed her business ambitions with Jason Oppenheim, her Sunset Sellout co-star and boss.

Speaking about the switch, Kristin said, “Jason knew. I told him. We talked with him a year before. I told him I was minding my own business.”

Christine made the decision for her own career. However, she was initially suspected of “bluffing” about her long-term ambitions.

She explained, “I don’t think anyone actually thought… I think they thought I was bluffing; I don’t think they really thought I was working for a company, I don’t know. the year I worked on it. “Everyone knows… Jason and I have a really good rapport. I told him, “It has to do with career growth. I have to mind my own business.” That’s why I created the company.”

Sunset Sale has been running for five seasons, but it’s not yet known if Netflix will be bringing it back for a sixth time.


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