Kate Jackson Quits Charlie’s Angels Because It’s “Killing” Her Life | Entertainment

Kate Jackson left Charlie’s Angels because the show was “killing” her life.

The 73-year-old actress, who skipped a role on Kramer vs. Kramer due to her commitment to play Sabrina Duncan on the 1970s cult show produced by Aaron Spelling, didn’t want to “sacrifice” the quality of her life for a TV series.

She told US edition of Closer magazine: “Finally I had to say, ‘Wait a minute, here’s my life, and there’s a show, and one kills the other, so something has to go.’ I certainly wasn’t going to sacrifice my life for a TV show.”

She added: “My whole life has been focused on work, although these people across the country know me and love me, they are not in my living room at the end of the day when I am lonely and exhausted.

“I’m fed up with long hours in Hollywood, politics, betrayal and gossip. It wasn’t the best city to stand on your own two feet and live a normal life.”

After fleeing Tinseltown, Kate, who has a son, Charles, moved to a 125-acre farm in Virginia in the 90s after doing more projects such as the remake of Cary Grant’s Topper, starring in other films and on television and founded a production company. .

Kate also reminisced about her late friend and co-star Farrah Fawcett, who died in 2009 at the age of 62 from cancer, and the “best time” when they worked together for one season with friend Angel Jacqueline Smith, now 76. years.

Kate said, “We had the best time that year when she did Charlie’s Angels because we got into the habit of just improvising on camera and trying to make others laugh or do something unexpected.”

The Scarecrow and Mrs. King star, who battled breast cancer in the late ’80s, shared an ‘important’ life lesson in hearing with ‘her heart’.

Kate said, “Listen with your ears, but listen with your heart. This is one of the most important things I have ever learned. This is true in art, in life, in everything.”


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