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Jarvis Cocker’s relationship with his estranged father was “constantly very uncomfortable”.

The Pulp legend’s late father, Mac, left him when he was only seven years old, and when they reunited in 2007 in Australia, they found it extremely difficult to repair the broken bond between father and son.

Speaking of the How to Fail Elizabeth Day podcast, Jarvis recalled, “I really tried to get to know my dad later in life. And what became really apparent very quickly was that because of that long, 20-25 year gap, when we eventually met and tried to establish a relationship, it just didn’t work out. Since too much time had passed, there was nothing to work on. So it created a very strange atmosphere, like, I feel like I should be around this person, but I’m not. And so it was constantly very uncomfortable, I think for both of us, and neither of us was able to get over it.”

During the meeting, the Common People hitmaker admitted that it felt like meeting a stranger.

He said, “If this happened on a TV show, we would all burst into tears and declare how much we love each other. But even though we are biologically related, it was like meeting someone I didn’t know. I have a parent-child relationship.

The 58-year-old musician added: “I had an idea of ​​the person I was imagining, but then I faced reality. That was hard”.


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