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“It took me a long time to realize it was racist” – Liberation


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Hypersexualized or described as “docile”, Asians in France are suffering from racism and sexism exacerbated by the Covid crisis. Despite the lack of representativeness and the clichés that weigh them down, an increasing number of them are mobilizing to show their diversity and offer the youngest positive models.

Which leg to dance on? Mei Li doesn’t always know between her mother’s intransigence, which demands that she be a model young girl, and the youthful fire that grows within her. Respect for elders, first feelings of love, good grades in school and the desire to spend most of the time inventing choreographies with girlfriends: what does it mean to be a 13-year-old girl who grew up in Toronto and has origins? Chinese? It is this search for identity that speaks blushes (“Red Alert” in French), with its joyous whirlwind of big questions and little dramas, of which only this age is capable of such theatricality. Released in February, the animated film was Pixar’s opportunity to bring its first Asian heroine to life.

Although there have been a record number of attacks against people of Asian origin since Covid-19…


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